We believe that all behavioural experiments should be quick and simple to create, no matter how complex they are.

We believe that researchers should be able to recreate any experiment they’re familiar with in under 30 minutes. No tutorials or help page required.

We believe that experiment design should be accessible to even the newest undergraduates. No barriers to entry.

We believe that an interface should be intuitive and easy to grasp.

We believe that you should instantly see the changes you make to an experiment, no matter how large or small.

We believe that instantaneous feedback is fundamental in creating an intuitive and natural software experience.

We believe that – for the majority of researchers – a sufficiently flexible GUI interface does not limit the complexity of experiments you can create …

… that an API should be available for the few who can take advantage of it …

… and that one-click sharing should allow everyone else to make use of their experiment templates.