We’re excited to announce the launch of our open beta for Experimaker! It’s available to try now, no signup required.

We originally planned to launch a polished release version in December. But, at the moment, there is a lot of interest in online experiments. Many labs are planning to move their cognitive research online. So, we felt it would be a good idea to release an incomplete version earlier than planned.

We’re missing a number of important features, and some of the features in place are still quite unpolished. We hope you’ll still find Experimaker useful, especially for classroom use, or planning purposes.

Releasing so early on is also an opportunity. We want your feedback to improve the platform, and focus on the features that are important to you. Talk to us, and we’ll listen. We plan to have a fast update schedule, with multiple updates being released per month. It’s an iterative, back-and-forth process. If you participate, Experimaker will be shaped by the academic community, as much as it is shaped by us.