On the 9th July, Toybox Labs co-founder Tamara Schembri gave a presentation on Experimaker at the Open Webinar Series on Psycholinguistics and Research Methods, hosted by Xenia Schmalz.

In the presentation, we explained how to use Experimaker for online experiments, and a little bit about classroom use. We demonstrated Experimaker’s key features, including:

  • Ordering, input & layout options
  • Using & editing experiment templates
  • Automatic trial generation
  • Testing & publishing your experiment
  • Using Experimaker in the online classroom
  • Future features

For anyone who would like to view the event, a recording of the presentation has now been uploaded to the OSF. The slides, files and templates used are also available. So if you’d like to learn more about Experimaker, you can follow along and perform all of the demonstrated functions.

Video: https://osf.io/fz7x4/
Slides: https://osf.io/k72p5/
Files: https://experimaker.com/webinar2020
Editor: https://experimaker.com/editor

During the presentation, we intended to demonstrate how researchers can modify any fixed ordering of stimuli. Unfortunately, we completely forgot to include this information! So, here’s a gif with the added information. It should have been included at the timestamp 06:50

change fixed ordering for experimaker online experiment platform