Experimaker is currently in open beta, following an open access model. This means that some essential features are missing. And some features that are present may be unpolished.

Updates will happen regularly. Experimaker will constantly be improving over the next several months. It’s exciting!


Sound Support

In today’s update, we’re expanding the range of media types Experimaker can handle. We’ve added sound support! You can now upload sound files in wav, mp3 or ogg format.

As usual, you can test stimulus presentation in real time by interacting with the experiment directly, or by using the next/previous media control buttons. You can also go to the stimuli sidebar and play each stimulus separately, as shown on the right.

As noted by the recent Timing Mega Study, precisely-timed audio is a problem for online experiment platforms, due to their reliance on Javascript capabilities. We’ve put a lot of work into improving the current status quo. We’ll be releasing a dedicated article on audio timing precision in Experimaker shortly.

Preschooler Plurals Template

Our template of the week demonstrates our new auditory capabilities. It’s an adapted mini version of the experiments described in the following papers:

Xu Rattanasone, N., Davies, B., Schembri, T., Andronos, F., & Demuth, K. (2016). The iPad as a research tool for the understanding of English plurals by English, Chinese, and other L1 speaking 3-and 4-year-olds. Frontiers in Psychology7, 1773.

Davies, B., Rattanasone, N. X., Schembri, T., & Demuth, K. (2019). Preschoolers’ developing comprehension of the plural: The effects of number and allomorphic variation. Journal of experimental child psychology185, 95-108.

(Full disclosure: I am a co-author on these papers).

It is a version of the classic wug test, and aims to test preschoolers’ comprehension of the English plural. Two images are displayed side by side – one plural, one singular. An audio track plays the sentence “Where is/are the ______”. The child must choose the correct image.