At Toybox Labs, we specialize in custom commissioned software for behavioural scientists. We have been operating since 2015. We understand the needs and constraints of our colleagues in academia. And we have the technical expertise to transform their ideas into reality.

We have created a range of bespoke software solutions for researchers, including:

  • An asynchronous videoconferencing app for iPad. This allowed remote clients to participate in speech therapy without having to travel to see a clinician
  • An adaptive learning app for PC, with automatically modified stimuli to adjust difficulty and historical data recording to track progress
  • A screening test for preschoolers

Experimaker is our first piece of software which is available to the general public.


Dr Tamara Schembri was awarded a PhD in Linguistics in 2017. Her personal research interests include acquisition & learning, computational modeling of cognitive processes, and open science methodology. Like most PhD candidates, she initially intended to pursue a career in academia. During her studies, she found that conducting longitudinal studies online was unnecessarily difficult and frustrating. Recognizing the urgent need for quality academic software, she founded Toybox Labs. Five years and many successful projects later, it’s time to reach a wider audience, and make a greater impact, with Experimaker.


Peter Budziszewski has been a professional software developer for 25 years, 20 of which were spent in the AAA gaming industry. He’s had extensive experience working on every major 3D platform, from the PlayStation 1, right up to the current-gen PS4 and Xbox One. He specializes in designing and implementing custom 3D graphics engines from scratch, multi-platform development, and optimization. In his spare time, he is an avid demo coder. His inclusion on our team translates to software that is more technically advanced than most academic offerings.